Friday, May 22, 2009

emotional rollercoaster

Well here I am five minutes alone. As much as I complain about not having any time to myself, I realized that is why I want more kids(not really) and or dogs. Don't want to be alone.

Anyways, I am coming off of concerta. My doc suggested to wean myself off and I did what he said but since the med is a narcotic and they won't give me anymore until my hirty days runs out and you can't chew or cut them, we had to get creative. My physical body is doing well. My eyes and my head are not. My eyes or the lids I should are having a tough time staying open. My head feels like someone keeps kickng me. This is day two of no pills. I am suppose to take one tomorrow but the way I feel now, I just want the shit over with. Anyways I am done and I am a bawling baby. Have a great night and long weekend. Thinking of all my friends. Kiss kiss.


  1. hey, if you need to vent, yell, or just a comforting silence, i am here for you. i truly understand the rollercoaster. however, i am going to take this oppurtunity to invite you to church again Sunday. we are to invite everyone we know. it is too be a life changing message. maybe you will find some comfort in your rollercoaster9if even for a minute)!!! take care, talk to you soon!!!

  2. UGH! This sounds terrible! I don't know why they don't keep you on till the 30 is gone and then give you an 18 that you can use to wean back down. Then you could just throw away what you don't use, or keep until you start back in the fall.